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Jesus is the Light of the World


We are in the middle of our Game On Curriculum! Our main characters have been sucked into a video game and they are learning important lessons every week to help them level up.



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BGMC Sunday

The last Sunday of every month, our Adventure Kids take up a special offering that goes to BGMC.  This money provides materials to missionaries all around the world.  With your help, we teach our kids the importance of giving!

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Adventure Bucks

Adventure Bucks:

ABs allow your child to "buy" prizes at certain children's events. Your child can earn ABs by:

- Participation

- Bringing a 1st time friend

- Bringing their Bible

- Memorizing their memory verses

- Completing take home tasks

Just a Reminder

Sometimes it is important to just be reminded of the love that Jesus has for you. As much as we need to hear that, so do our children. Make sure you are telling them every single day that Jesus loves them and talk with them about all the good things He has done.